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Butterfly eVTOL - New EV Travel From CA

  New Vehicle Delivers Advanced Aerial Mobility                                            Source:  Overair Butterfly Overair's Long Anticipated eVTOL with Newest Technologies California-based Overair has unveiled its much anticipated Butterfly, an eVTOL commercial design that incorporates more than 20 years of the latest, military and commercial, electric vertical takeoff and landing technologies.  This vehicle is expected to be the ultimate for vertical lift capabilities.  The company says Butterfly is designed to be the most robust, efficient, safe and quiet aircraft in its eVTOL class.  It's a zero emissions, operator inexpensive, mobility workhorse with extensive utilization. Tech Specs What differentiates Butterfly from other eVTOLs is its breakthrough propulsion system.  It's called the Optimum Speed Propulsion (OSP) system.  Butterfly has four large propellers.  They move and spin very slowly for hover and can even get into a slower speed which offers two major adva