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Hyundai eVTOL - Flying Like a Butterfly

  New eVTOL Flies Like a Butterfly                                         Source:  Hyundai's Supernal New Hydrogen Powered eVTOL South Korea-based automaker Hyundai is developing two, highly innovative eVTOL (electric, vertical takeoff & landing) vehicles for inner-city and intra-city commuting.  Hyundai's Advanced Air Mobility division, Supernal, unveiled an electric flying taxi concept that seats 5 at the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK.  Specifically, they unveiled the very futuristic and elegant passenger cabin.  Supernal is working with Hyundai's top automotive designers and engineers to integrate automotive capabilities into the flying taxi. In terms of flight, it is being designed to mimic the flying capabilities of a butterfly.  Hyundai also disclosed that it is working on a larger, hydrogen powered eVTOL that will roll out two years after the smaller eVTOL. Targeted Plans Hyundai expects the eVTOL, just revealed in the UK, to start operations in th