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John Deere Autonomous Tractor - CES 2023 Winner

  John Deere's Smart Autonomous Tractor                                                                                Source:  John Deere Highly Advanced Robot  Illinois-based farm, lawn and construction equipment company John Deere has won a Best in Innovation award in the "Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility" category at CES 2023 for its fully autonomous farm tractor.  The tractor is a highly advanced robot that can be managed from a smartphone.  For the farming industry, the autonomous vehicle has the potential of being a significant time saver and provider of enhanced productivity.   The farmer has a choice with this new leap in agricultural technology:  they can drive it or let it operate on its own. Highly Advanced Robotics The tractor is a highly advanced, state-of-the-art robot.  It operates without any operator in the cab by using GPS guidance, stereo cameras, artificial intelligence and sensors to perform farm tasks. Details on the new autonomous technologies in