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2021: Kia's Halo EV Affordably Priced

High Performing Halo EV 2021 Kia's EV Concept "Vision" Setting New Standards at Affordable Price Kia plans to launch a high performance, all electric vehicle - the Halo - in 2021.  Kia is promising the EV will have long range, very high performance and ultra quick charging. And, very importantly, they say is will be reasonably priced at considerably below the cost of Tesla, Mercedes and BMW EV's.  Kia's goal is to establish its electric vehicle leadership by setting a very high bar in the EV global industry. Being all-electric, the Halo will have zero emissions. Halo Crossing Boundaries The Halo is expected to blend the boundaries between sedans and SUV's.  Part of the mindset behind the Halo is the EV concept car Vision, that Kia showcased at the recent Geneva Auto Show.  Kia won't launch the Halo until 2021 because they're waiting for parent company Hyundai's new, all electric platform that it wants to use to build the