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Important Innovations Collection: Caltech's Leonardo Drone Walks, Hovers

Bipedal Locomotion Drone - Just Like a Bird California Institute of Technology's Leonardo Caltech has achieved a significant advancement in drone technology.  They've developed a drone that walks and hovers in flight like a bird.  Most drones either walk or fly, not both.  The drone's uses included search and rescue on earth and planetary exploration.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Caltech's Leonardo Drone Walks, Hovers : Bird Inspired Robotics Source:  California Institute of Technology's Leonardo Bipedal Locomotion - Hovers in Flight and Walks, Jus...

Robot Atlas Does Parkour Exercises

Humanoid Robot Brother of SpotMini,  the Dancing Robot Source:  Boston Dynamics   for Atlas Doing Parkour <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Boston Dynamics Robotic Innovation Atlas is a humanoid robot developed by Boston Dynamics.  It's a "brother" robot of SpotMini, the dancing robot also known as Uptown Spot. Parkour, Software and Computer Vision Atlas does parkour military exercises with ease.   The robot's software uses the entire body including arms, legs and torso to jump over a log and leap up stairs without breaking stride.  It uses computer vision to position itself accurately as it runs and jumps to target destinations.   Thought you might enjoy seeing one of the world's most agile and dynamic robots in action.  The link is

SpotMini Robot Can Dance

Boston Dynamics "I've Got Talent" Robot SpotMini Dancing Source:  Boston Dynamics' Spot MIni Making Musician Bruno Mars Proud SpotMini the robot not only wows when it opens doors.  It wows dancing to Bruno Mars' 2014 hit song Uptown Funk.  SpotMini even does a moonwalk.  It's brilliant robotics and the stuff superstars are made of. Uptown Spot The video is called Uptown Spot. I've embedded it for you to see.   If you have a minute to see Spot dance, you'll be delighted and mesmerized.  Boston Dynamics hasn't disclosed how they achieved the robot's natural movements and tremendous agility. Spot Goes on Sale in 2019 SpotMini goes to market and up for sale to customers in 2019.  Boston Dynamics was recently purchased from Google by SoftBank.  This is the first time in Boston Dynamics' 26 year history that it's offered a robot for purchase. They say SpotMini is f