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Boom: Supersonic Travel for the People

US Company Building Supersonic Jets for Mainstream Travel Source:  Boom Artist Concept Boom and the Supersonic Jet Race The supersonic jet travel race is getting hot.  There are a number of global, startups building jets that fly faster than the speed of sound or 767 mph.  Some companies are targeting 1000 mph and even 3000 mph.  Hermeus, based in Atlanta, GA, is targeting Mach 3 or 3000 mph.  That would take you from New York to London in just 90 minutes.  Another company of note is Boom. Supersonic Flights for All of Us A very interesting supersonic play comes from Boom Technology, which is Denver, CO based and has significant capital behind it.  It is focusing on building 55-seat passenger jets that fly at Mach 2 plus or 2300 mph.  It wants to start pricing seats, when it gets ready for takeoff in upcoming years, at the rate of business class fares.  Additionally, it plans to sell its supersonic jets to traditional airlines and help reduce those business class prices into