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Sensors for Airborne COVID in Buildings

  Highly Advanced Sensors to Warn of COVID in the Air                                                                           Source:  COVID-19 stock image US Defense Dept.'s DARPA Push The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA plans to build a series of prototype detectors capable of spotting the COVID virus in the air.  The devices are targeted for use in office buildings and schools.  The sensors would quickly and accurately detect the presence of the virus in the air in order to alert occupants and prevent the spread. Rising COVID Toll Experts have warned that the virus is airborne.  More than 52 million people worldwide have been infected and more than 1 million have died.  Both Europe and the US are experiencing a second wave of the pandemic with cases rapidly accelerating.  But there is hope in the form of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the emerging Moderna vaccine.  Now, DARPA is moving on airborne detectors. Highly Advanced Technology Highl

Important Innovations Collection: Launching Satellites From 747 Planes

New Tech: Launching Satellites From 747 Aircraft Source:  Virgin Orbit Virgin Orbit's Air Launch System Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit just successfully tested its modified 747 aircraft - Cosmic Girl - that can fire off a rocket containing a satellite and place it in orbit.  The company is planning on its first commercial launch by the end of this summer.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Launching Satellites From 747 Planes : Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit  Air Launch System Source:  Virgin Orbit's  747 with rocket under its wing Close to Commercial ...