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Important Innovations Collection: The Blackfly Personal Flight Vehicle

Revolutionary VTOL Aircraft that Google's Larry Page is Backing Is It a UFO?  No, It's a New Personal Flying Machine The idea for the Blackfly was developed by Canadian entrepreneur Marcus Leng.  He innovated,  built it and flew it in his own backyard in Ontario nearly 10 years ago.  Today, his company Opener is located in Palo Alto, CA and has a major investor in Alphabet/Google's Larry Page.  Some commentators think it looks like a UFO but it's a lot more for your personal commute than that. Unique Electric VTOL The Blackfly is a revolutionary personal flying vehicle.  It's electric, a one-seater, with vertical liftoffs and landings and a lot of safety redundancies. It can take off from and land in both water and land. 8 small rotors across 2, fixed wings power its flight.  My journalist colleague Ed Kane has a great news blog with more detail on this incredible piece of aviation innovation at