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Important Innovations Collection: Very Smart Pill Bottle from Saudi Arabia

Smart Pill Bottle from Saudi Arabia Source:  KAUST Sends Alerts in the Event of Tampering, Overdose or Unsafe Storage This new medical gadget from KAUST in Saudi Arabia forwards patient safety.  The bottle sends a wireless alert in the event of any sign of tampering, overdose or unsafe storage.  The lid can count the number of pills.  There are also sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, moisture and if the bottle has been opened.  For a great news blog on this, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Very Smart Pill Bottle from Saudi Arabia : Sends Wireless Alerts if Tampered with or Unsafe Source:  KAUST Enhanced Patient Safety From Saudi Arabia A team of engineers at KAU...

RedAlerts on Building Collapse, Mudslides

New Tech Predicts Building Collapses & Landslides 2 Weeks in Advance This is a global example of technology helping humanity and alerting them of impending danger.  Australian researchers at the University of Melbourne have just developed breakthrough software.  It predicts when a mudslide could occur, a dam collapse, a foundation move or a building crack and collapse.  The software can make the forecast up to 2 weeks in advance. Based on Applied Mathematics, Algorithms & Big Data Analytics The software turns algorithms and big data into risk assessment and management action.  It spots the warning signs of imminent danger. And it does so at the microstructure level.  The early warning sign alerts include motion patterns that change over time and become synchronized. Forecasts of Collapse In Time to Make a Difference The scientists' model decodes the data on movement and turns it into a network.  That allows the scientists to identify hidden patterns in motion and