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All-Electric Mercedes EQS SUV Debuts

  MB's Big, Powerful, Connected EV                                                                                Source:  Mercedes EQS Offers Electric Off-Roading The new, 2023, all-electric, Mercedes EQS SUV is getting plenty of rave reviews.  It is a 3-row, elegant and powerful Mercedes SUV built on the same electric platform as the EQS sedan.  This new SUV is big, loaded with technologies and powered by nothing but electricity.  Mercedes calls the EQS its next step toward "the next era of mobility".  With its strategy "Ambition 2039", Mercedes aims to have a global fleet of green passenger vehicles in operation that are carbon neutral by 2039 and EVs like the new EQS SUV are a big part of that vision. Tech Specs & More The new EV can accommodate 7 people in a luxurious interior that contains highly advanced technologies.  A primary example is the MBUX Hyperscreen that spans the full width of the dashboard and provides expansive information and entertainm