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Minimalist Shoe Innovation

New Link Flip Shoe With a Lot of Sole Source:  Link Flip Shoe Part Flip Flop, Part Shoe This invention is a new and creative approach to minimalist footwear.  The top is totally open and a sturdy bottom wraps around the heel, sides and toe to secure itself to the foot.  It's called  the Link Flip Shoe and it's being touted as creative and innovative. Footwear Innovation The company claims it's as safe as sneakers and as comfortable as flip-flops.  It strikes me conceptually as a combination of barefoot running shoes and flip-flops.  The open top allow for more air and less chafing and the strong sole features a breathable insole and interlaced flex joints for better traction. For Running Too The company calls it the world's first Flip Shoe that is as free as flip-flops and safe as shoes. It's a sole based shoe with arch support.  It's patented technology that you can also run in.