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Porsche Decides to Electrify Panamera

  Full Sized, Luxury, Electric                                                   Source:  Porsche Porsche Going Electric Volkswagen owned, luxury brand Porsche, in what is considered a huge step, is developing a brand-new electric version of the Panamera, one of its all-time most popular models. The new vehicle is a full-sized, all electric luxury model that will help forward Porsche's goal to achieve 80%, fully electric sales by 2030.  The vehicle is likely to launch in the second half of the decade around 2027. Breaking News This is breaking news and details are sketchy on the vehicle at this point. The electrified Panamera is said to be in the "infancy" of development. But there are news reports that the EV model will be similar in size to the current Porsche full size model that's available in China. That would make it 17 feet in length.  The battery powered sedan will have a slimline battery that will not be obtrusive or intrude on the interior space. The battery