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In DC, Anti-Trust Hearing for Big Tech

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google Executives to Testify Source:  Stock Image  US Congressional Anti-Trust Hearings This news broke a few moments ago.  Next week, in Washington, DC, there will be a Congressional hearing concerning alleged anti-trust matters related to some of the biggest technology companies in the world.  The stakes for this Congressional hearing are big.  It's all about the tremendous market power that Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook wield.  On July 16 top executives from those four companies will testify and answer questions on Capitol Hill. Multiple Investigations The hearing will be held by the House Judiciary Committee's Anti-Trust Subcommittee.  The House Judiciary Committee is investigating the extent of competition in digital markets.  Both Democrats and Republicans are concerned about the power exercised by these companies, that are some of the world's most valuable and innovative.  There are multiple investigations currently underway i