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Smart Phone With Electronic Nose

Israeli App with Sense of Smell for Smart Phones This one is a first.  Israeli researchers are developing an app to give Smart Phones a sense of smell. The purpose of the sensor is to help users choose products.  The applications are many including alerting those with allergies what products are safe or not for them and warnings about toxins in the air. Nanoscent The Israeli company Nanoscent is developing the app and sensor that can analyze and identify scents in products that are most useful and suitable for the user or not.  The sensor acts as an electronic nose.  The sensor is made up of nanoparticles.  It emits signals based on the scent it's exposed to. Soap, Cosmetic, Perfume Compatibility The system can determine users' scent profiles and help them select products like cosmetics, detergents, perfumes and soaps most compatible to them.  The technology uses the interaction between the sensor and chemical substances emitted from our bodies to generate a di