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World's 1st Aquatic SUV

Aquatic Utility Vehicle Typhoon                                                                       Source:  Shadow Six Racing The Typhoon - SUV on Jet Skis The Typhoon is the world's first aquatic utility vehicle (AUV) or water SUV.  It is the highly innovative invention of West Palm Beach, Florida-based motorsports company Shadow Six Racing.  It's a gas-guzzling UTV water demon.  The very rugged, one-of-a-kind, utility vehicle is designed for both motorsports and defense applications. It is essentially a SUV on jet skis. Tech Specs & More The unique vehicle weights 2,365 pounds and can carry 3 passengers.  It is powered by twin, 4-cylinder supercharged Yamaha GP 1800 SCHO R engines. The engines are located in 2, custom built carbon composite racing hulls designed like 2 jet skis.  They are built to withstand speeds up to 90 mph in extreme water conditions with superb performance. The body of the vehicle is composed of aerospace grade titanium and carbon fiber. The AUV i