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New Astronomical Vacations

Total Eclipse of the Sun in Chile Source:  NASA Chile's Astronomical Tourists The brilliantly clear skies above northern Chile will host a total eclipse of the sun in early July.  It is drawing a new and innovative type of tourism.  Visitors who want to witness first hand a very rare sight through crystal clear skies and see global phenomena at their best in real time. Flights and Hotel Rooms Going Like Hot Cakes Many hotels have no rooms left in Northern Chile for the solar and lunar event.  Flights are also being books out quickly. Chile and the Skies Chile is considered paradise for astronomers.  There are dozens of powerful telescopes, advanced technology and astronomical research studies underway.  Of interest, total eclipses are a very rare occurrence.  At any particular location, they occur once in 360 years.  This early July event will be visible in parts of Argentina and New Zealand.  What a fabulous sight!  Puts the beauty of the universe in full perspective