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2020 Olympics Spectacular Tech

Toyota Showcasing Autonomous Technology & Much More Source:  Toyota Miraitowa and Someity - The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Mascots Tokyo 2020 Olympics for Athletes and Latest Technology For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics a big crowd pleaser will be the technology deployed.  The official game mascots are two adorable robots - Miraitowa and Someity, just unveiled at Toyota headquarters in Japan  The humanoid "meeters and greeters" are programmed to show facial expressions as they greet athletes and fans . New Automated Helpers Toyota and Panasonic are teaming up to develop automated helpers for the games.  Besides the official mascots, there will be field support robots to help officials at throwing events by retrieving javelins and hammers from competitions.  Robots with cameras will broadcast live action and give fans a sense of virtual reality emersion in the Games. Fans will be able to interact with the athletes remotely with a new telepresence technology.  And, Toyota wil