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New Huge Solar EV Thundertruck

Off-Roading EV Concept Has Solar Foldout Awnings For Extra Range                                           Source:  Wolfgang LA Team Attachable Caboose that Makes It a 940hp, 6 Wheel Behemoth The EV Thundertruck is a fascinating, green design concept for off-roading and outdoor fun.  It is a vehicle concept unlike any other.  Thundertruck is an all-electric, 4x4 off-road EV.  Uniquely it has a pull out and foldable solar canopy/awning that can provide protection from the sun while harvesting solar energy for extra charging while in a parked mode.  And there is a snap-on, self-balancing, attachment component - a caboose.  The caboose has a set of two extra wheels and additional battery power that make Thundertruck a 6-wheeler.   Creation of a LA Based Creative Automotive Team Thundertruck is the very innovative creation of a Los Angeles based creative consultancy known as the Wolfgang LA Team.  The team focused their energies on developing the truck during downtime from the COVID pandem