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Important Innovations Collection: Electric Muscle Sleigh for Santa

For Santa's Christmas Eve Ride, a Magical Electric Muscle Sleigh Santa at Mach Speeds Enclosing a magical look at Santa at the very highest level of green, electric high tech, thanks to a electric muscle sleigh gift from the reindeer.  The enchanting blog is written by fellow journalist and Amazon author Edward Kane.     Important Innovations Collection: Electric Muscle Sleigh for Santa : Fantasy EV:  GTX Electric Muscle Sleigh for Santa's Christmas Ride  Santa Going High Tech, GTX, Electric The recent Internation...

Important Innovation Blogs News

Our Second Blog News Source Source:  NASA Universe of Exciting Innovations Wanted you to know we've added a second blogger site for innovation news briefs and perspectives.  My colleague Ed Kane is posting news on the latest and most valuable world innovations across industries. Ed is a seasoned journalist, author and relentless researcher on innovation.   Here's a link to Ed's blog Global Innovation Accelerating We know the pace of innovation is accelerating and we're committed to providing bloggers full coverage on the most important innovations.  I'll be posting on this site as always about exciting, breaking innovation news.