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CES 2023 & How New EVs & Auto Tech

  Ram, Volvo, Sony/Honda Among New Car Concepts                                                                 Source: New Car Concepts: MB, Sony, Ram Plus, Exciting New Automotive Technologies The world's top electronics trade show, CES 2023, opens in Las Vegas in early January.  Global automakers are planning to make important new EV presentations and breakthrough technology announcements.  Examples include Ram unveiling a concept of its upcoming electric pickup truck that is designed to compete against the Ford Lightning pickup.  The Ram e-truck is expected to have huge horsepower, range and hauling capabilities.  Dodge Ram is now owned by Stellantis.  Their new electric pickup, 2024 RAM 1500 EV, is expected to draw lots of interest. Sony/Honda Infotech & Infotainment Car Another big announcement is being teased by the Sony/Honda EV partnership for CES 2023.  No one is 100% sure what the announcement will be but there is a lot of informed buzz that a new, highly technologic

World's New Fastest Production Car - McMurtry

  McMurtry Speirling E-Race & E-Road Car                                                  Source: McMurtry New World Acceleration Records Set The McMurtry Speirling is an all-electric, battery powered, single seat hypercar envisioned by British businessman, technologist and investor Sir David McMurtry.  He has quite a legacy, including working on the Concorde's supersonic Rolls Royce engines.  His Speirling hypercar/race car just set new world acceleration records. It is now called the world's fastest production car.  Speirling is Irish for thunder and this EV is equipped with thunderous power and speed.  Also, it is not just for the racetrack.  The EV is street legal and will be offered as a limited series, single seat, 1,000 hp EV with rear-wheel drive.  The vehicles will be handcrafted and personalized to the owner's wishes.   Tech Specs The Speirling has a very powerful 1,000 hp powertrain. along with two big technological differentiators.  There are two turbines be

Is It A Car, Plane or Boat? Lancia Concept Car!

  Lancia Returns to Carmaking:  Goes All-Electric Luxury                                                  Source:  Lancia New Concept Pu-Ra Zero is Purely Radical Famed Italian automaker Lancia has returned to its roots of designing and making cars.  Now owned by Stellantis (Chrysler), Lancia has resurrected its brand with a very wild car concept, a new mission and a new logo.  The concept is as unique as it gets.  The "design sculpture" is called Pu-Ra Zero - as in pure, radical, zero emissions. And it does not resemble a conventional car.  In fact, it has no wheels, no windows and lacks most of the things that you expect to come with a car.  The concept is actually Lancia's design language for what will be its flagship EV of the future. Lancia defines their approach as a combination of design, art and innovation. Lancia is branding itself as an all-electric Italian luxury car brand with its first new models due in 2024. Despite its distinguished automotive history, Lanc