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Polestar EV More Powerful Than Porsche Taycan Turbo S

  Polestar 5: One Powerful EV                                                                 Source:  Polestar Concept & Prototype Likely to be Polestar's Most Powerful Electric Car Sweden's Polestar EV manufacturer has a new ace of a car up its sleeve.  It's called the Polestar 5 and is designed to be the company's flagship and most powerful vehicle. The EV is a large, grand tourer (GT), 4-door sedan-hatchback with a whopping 884 horsepower.  It is considerably more powerful than a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and that is saying something significant about the power this electric car will deliver. New Technologies The EV will hit the market in 2024.  The company says the powertrain that they are developing for the vehicle will set new performance levels for their high-performance cars.  It combines highly advanced, new electric motors that are coupled with advances in lightweight car technologies to create "stunning cars". It has a new, bonded aluminum chassis

Hyundai's 2 Walking Cars Go To Production

Two 4x4 Vehicles Equipped With Wheels to Drive and Robotic Legs to Walk & Climb                                                       Source:  Hyundai Ultimate Mobility Vehicles that Could Be Hotter Than the Cybertruck South Korean automotive giant Hyundai is putting into production two 4x4 vehicles with robotic legs.  They are quite literally walking cars.  One vehicle is called the Elevate. It is being tested and developed by Hyundai in their new facility called New Horizon Studio at the Montana State University Innovation Campus.  Hyundais' New Horizon Studio is also developing and producing a second vehicle, the autonomous TIGER with robotic legs.  This is a major initiative by Hyundai, which intends to invest $20 million and employ 50 people at the Studio to develop "Ultimate Mobility Vehicles". Breakthrough Technologies in Elevate The Elevate is an all-terrain vehicle that is virtually unstoppable.  It can drive on its wheels and walk through or climb over tough

Europe's New Hydrogen Supercar Design

  The New Alpine A4810 Hydrogen Supercar                                             Source:  Alpine A4810 Design Collaboration Between Alpine Cars & IED France-based, Renault-owned Alpine, which is a distinguished race and sports car maker, and Turin, Italy based Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) have designed a hydrogen powered supercar. The first sketches of it have just been unveiled and the vehicle will debut on March 18, 2022. It is called the Alpine A4810 and represents a vision for the future of the French car brand.  The design is a very sporty, 2 seat vehicle with a hydrogen powertrain.  28 graduate students from one of the top transportation design schools in the world and Alpine's design studio created the design.  They say the hydrogen car "represents the extreme sportiness of the future" that's more technological and sustainable. Very Sleek, Low, Wide & Powerful Design The Alpine A4810 is a look at the future of zero emissions, hydrogen powered d

Hyundai & GM Flying Taxis Accelerate

  Flying Car Development is Accelerating   Source:  Hyundai Flying Taxi Concepts  Hyundai Sees Flying Taxi Commercialization in US By 2025 GM and Hyundai are accelerating their development of flying cars. South Korea automaker Hyundai believes it could have an air taxi service operational within four years and possibly before 2025.  GM believes its air taxi service will be up and running by 2030 because of technical and regulatory issues that the entire industry needs to address.  There are a growing number of developers in the field ranging from startups to global airplane makers like Airbus.  The flying cars under development are largely eVTOLs or electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.  They take off and land like a helicopter and fly like a plane.  They are powered by electric batteries with zero emissions. Hyundai in aTake Off Mode Hyundai says it is already ahead of schedule to roll out air mobility vehicles.  Hyundai COO and CEO North America Jose Munoz says that he thi