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Renault's Classic Flying Car - Unique Tech

  Air4                                                   Source: Renault Renault Celebrates 60th Anniversary of the 4 French automaker Renault has converted its highly successful 60-year-old hatchback model car, the 4, into a flying car to celebrate its 60th anniversary.  They call it the Renault Air4.  Renault has been working with the design firm The Arsenal to build an operational prototype of Air4 that demonstrates what the flying hatchback will look like in six decades.  At the moment it's a carbon fiber concept that has been successfully flown.  The 4 has been an automotive fixture and success story in Europe for decades. Tech Specs The flying car is comprised of two components. The first component is the car body, which reflects the legendary, 4 hatchback design and style. It has one seat, a minimalist cabin and bright lights in the front and back of the car for visibility in the air.  The second component is the powertrain, with four, twin blade propellers that lift the Air