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AI's Future in Your Car

Cerence Co-Pilot                                                                      Source:  Cerence A Digital Assistant for Your Driving Needs Artificial intelligence (AI) is having an accelerating impact on cars for greater safety, smarter tech and self-driving, autonomous systems.  Now, a new AI system has been developed that serves as a high-end driver's assistant for you in your car.  Cerence Co-Pilot is being headlined as a "digital butler for your car".  It will debut at the upcoming CES 2022 show in Las Vegas.  The new Cerence Co-pilot appears to have the potential to redefine the relationship between driver and car.  It is deeply integrated, intelligent new automotive mobility technology enabled by artificial intelligence. What's the Moving Force Behind This New Tech? The moving force is using AI as an integral helper and intuitive reader of the driver's needs, right down to ordering a great cup of coffee along the travel route. Cerence is headquartered