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Russia's Google: IT Giant Yandex

Russian Tech Giant Innovating & Growing Yandex Headquarters in Russia Global Search Engine Heavyweight Google is the world's biggest search engine, followed by Bing, China's Baidu and Yahoo.  You can add another heavyweight to the list - Yandex of Russia. Russia's Google That's Now Rolling Out Self-Driving Cars Like Google, Yandex is focused on developing innovation across industries.  It's one of the world's biggest IT companies.  It's also working in fields like self-driving cars.  It just rolled out an autonomous taxi service in Russia that some experts believe will eventually be deployed throughout Europe.  And, it's very active in AI, online marketplaces, personal assistants, online translating and smart speakers. Russia's Uber, Spotify and Google People like to call Yandex the Google of Russia.  But founder and CEO Arkadiy Volozh says it's much more than that.  He says it's also the Uber of Russia, the Spotify of