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Audi's Innovative Concept Cars

  New "Sphere" Concept Cars                                                  Source:  Audi Cars "Shaping the Future" Audi designers and engineers have innovated a new series of concept cars:  a sports car - the Skysphere; a limousine - the Grandsphere; and a SUV - the Urbansphere.  Audi says these concept cars, that will debuted over the next year,  reflect how Audi envisions luxury cars of the future.  The sphere theme represents Audi's holistic, digital ecosystem for an exciting in-car experience.  Technological innovations and luxury envelop the passengers.  The vehicles can be driven or drive autonomously. Skysphere The first vehicle to premiere will be Skysphere on August 10, 2021.  Skysphere is a sports car that can be driven or drive autonomously and it can be converted into a personal lounge.  Audi says the vehicle is shaping the future and "redefines progressive luxury".  It is a large, 2 seat vehicle with a possibly transparent roof in Audi&#