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Nestle's Awesome Vegan Burgers

Just Launched in US Eating Plant Based Meat in Fast Food Stores  Swiss based food giant Neste launched its Awesome Vegan burgers in the US today in retail grocery stores.  The competition for winning in the plant-based meat category in the US and other markets like Europe is huge.  Simultaneously in the US today, McDonalds launched "Beyond Meat" burgers in its US and Canadian McDonald's Restaurants.  The irony is that Nestle and McDonalds partner in the plant-based burger category in Europe and particularly in Germany.  They are now doing combat over meatless meat in the US. Big Global Innovation Growth Category Meatless meat substitutes are a big avenue of innovation growth.   In  fact, this is cited as one of the top ten categories for global market growth. Nestle is all over this.  They are launching Awesome Burgers and Awesome Grounds plant based ground meat, across retailers in the US, through their business unit Sweet Earth.

Brilliant Crows Building Long Tools

 Innovative Bird Brains Source:  Max Planck Institute Max-Planck Institute and Oxford University Discoveries Scientists at the renowned Max-Planck Institute of Science in Germany and Oxford University in the UK have researched and shown how New Caledonian crows combine single wood parts and build long distance stick tools. It's a remarkable discovery. Crows are able to combine individual parts to form a tool to work on what they want at a distance.  It proves a crow's brain is something significant and very special. Only humans and great apes have been able to do this. Scientific Significance - Brilliant Crows The tools that the crows create are compound tools and complex, designed solely by them to reach at long distances.  The birds are able to combine two or more otherwise non-functional elements to reach their goal.  Until now, that's a task only humans and great apes have been able to do. Crows Calling What the New Caledonian crows are able to do is an am