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Toyota's Beyond Zero EV SUV

  Hot New Electric SUV from Toyota - bZ4X                                             Source:  Toyota Toyota's Latest Zero Emissions Auto Tech Toyota has unveiled its all-new, all-electric SUV, the bZ4X which the world's largest automaker says will take us to a future "Beyond Zero".  By "Beyond Zero", Toyota means zero emissions driving, that "not only reduces our carbon footprint to zero but also goes beyond to create a net positive impact" for Toyota vehicles.  The 2023 bZ4X rolls out in mid 2022.  The price hasn't been officially announced but experts think it will be in the high $30,000 to low $40,000 range. It's a new EV SUV of particular interest for Toyota advanced technologies and where it is taking the future of zero emissions driving. Tech Specs This new EV is all about advanced Toyota technologies built upon its growing portfolio of electric vehicles.  The motor of the EV SUV is an AC synchronous electric generator powered by a l