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Luxury Submarine To Party On

  Hospitality Venue 650 feet Below the Waves                                             Source:  U-Boat Worx U-Boat Worx Travel Innovation In the world of new travel vehicles, the party submarine is a first and a first in class.  Created by Dutch submersible company U-Boat Worx, the 115-foot, battery-electric powered vessel is part of the company's Under Water Entertainment Platform or UWEP.  It is designed to host parties, weddings, business conferences, exhibitions, performances, gaming and much more, including serving as an underwater restaurant or casino.  And it can be luxuriously customized to fit every occasion.  It's a unique underwater hospitality venue with massive ocean life views. Tech Specs The vessel is autonomous, can dive to 650 feet below the surface and can run nonstop on its electric battery power for 24 hours.  It recharges and gets restocked for the next venue in port or at a floating dock.  The UWEP can accommodate 120 guests, along with the crew, and off