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Global Robot Wars

China Seeks Dominance Battle Bots Global Battle Bots At the World Robot Conference in Beijing, that just ended last night, China showed off its star robots.  Robot musicians, doctors, athletes and teachers.  Most observers say the biggest stars of the show were small, "battle bots" that smashed and hammered their way through opponents to the cheers of the crowds.  These Chinese warriors, made by robot enthusiasts, are designed to entertain. China's Robot Economy China is pushing hard on automation.  It has an aging workforce, a labor shortage and increasing labor costs as the nation becomes wealthier.  President Xi Jinping is calling for a robot revolution.  The government is subsidizing the sector. Robotics Hot and Getting Hotter The US, with R&D funding from the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA, is a dominant contender in robotics.  Some of the standouts in the industry include breakthrough robotics developed by