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Tesla 2020 Results Top Expectations

  Tesla EV Sales Top Wall Street Estimates                                                                 Source:  Tesla Concept R                                                                                         Source:  Tesla Roadster Outperforming the Auto Industry Despite Global Pandemic During the 2020 global pandemic, Tesla continued to accelerate its business and outperform the global automotive industry.  Tesla vehicle sales for the entire year of 2020 were far better than expected and beat Wall Street estimates.  The company delivered 499.550 vehicles, well above the estimated 481, 261 for the year.  This was just 450 vehicles short of CEO Elon Musk's ambitious plan to reach a benchmark of 500,000 vehicles delivered in 2020.  Musk tweeted he is proud of what his team has accomplished.  Indeed, during a crippling global COVID pandemic that has brought the global economy and the automotive industry into a very rough place, what Tesla accomplished in 2020 is amazing.