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Paper Water Test: Quick, Cheap, Green

Biosensor ID's Water Quality - Point of Use, Quick and Easy Source:  University of Bath UK Photo Breakthrough Water Test University of Bath UK scientists have developed a simple, paper-based test to determine if water is contaminated.  It's potentially a simple, low cost way for developing countries to limit the spread of water-born disease. Simple as a Litmus Test It's paper based like a litmus test to measure acid in water.  But the new device is breakthrough.  It consists of a microbial fuel cell (MFC).  It's made by screen-printing biodegradable carbon electrodes onto a single piece of paper.  MFC uses natural biology processes of electric bacteria- attached to the carbon electrodes - to generate an electric signal. Don't Drink the Water When the bacteria are exposed to polluted water, there's a change in the electric signals.  That's the red alert not to drink.  You're warned that the water is contaminated. Lots of Potential This is