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Important Innovations Collection: Smart Patch for Your Health

Very Smart Health and Fitness Monitoring Northwestern University Bioengineers' Smart Patch This is very advanced bioengineering technology just reported from Northwestern University bioengineers. A small, wearable, flexible sensor patch that spots your underlying medical conditions in real-time. It's for fitness use and to be your first alert medical spotter for certain conditions. For example, dehydration, low oxygen or spotting you are diabetic.  For a great news blog on this amazing new innovation, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: Smart Patch for Your Health : Tiny, Waterproof Patch with Sweat Based Sensors Source:  Northwestern University's Sweat-based Sensor Spots Health Conditions Re...

UCLA's Magnetic Painkiller Tech Breakthrough

Potential Painkiller for Chronic Pain UCLA's Magnetic Pain Relief  Pain Relief by Magnetic Fields It's a breakthrough in "mechanoceuticals" that treat medical conditions by physically forcing cells back into a healthy state.  The UCLA painkiller technique uses magnetic fields to manipulate the microscopic activity of the human body to reduce pain.   This is early stage research but very promising.  It's important because chronic pain has been one of the biggest issues facing medicine for centuries.  Right now, opiates offers the best relief but they are highly addictive.  That's why this UCLA research breakthrough is of importance. No Drugs Just Magnetic Fields to Relieve the Pain No drugs are involved.  UCLA bioengineers are using magnetic fields to control and alleviate pain.  The magnetic painkiller controls proteins that mediate and deliver the pain signals that patients feel. UCLA Team Approach The team led by Prof. Dino DiCarlo has developed