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New Bioreactor Pulls CO2 from Air

More Effective Than 400 Trees Source:  Hypergiant Industries  Converts CO2 into Biofuel This is breakthrough new energy innovation to combat Climate Change.  The Eos Bioreactor pulls carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with greater efficiency than 400 trees.  The footprint is only 3x3x7 feet.  The creator is Hypergiant Industries of Texas. Algae & Tubes The machine is filled with tubes that contain algae.  The algae type chlorella vulgaris is able to absorb more CO2 than any other plant.  The algae consumes the CO2 and converts it into biofuels that can be harvested.  There's a great deal of intelligence behind the process. Artificial and Machine Intelligence Hypergiant Industries say their Eos Bioreactor is more efficient than trees - 400 times more effective in pulling out CO2 from the air in the same unit area.  They use artificial and machine intelligence to constantly monitor and manage air flow, amount, type of light, temperature, ph, biodensity and other fac