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AI Bird Feeder - New Bird Tracker

  Using Artificial Intelligence to Track Your Feathered Friends                                                  Source: Bird Buddy Bird Buddy If you love to watch and feed birds, this new technology will enthrall you as it takes you into a new space of flight.  It's a smart bird feeder called Bird Buddy that through artificial intelligence and, a lot more technology, acquaints you with the species of birds coming into your feeder for a treat.  It recognizes more than 1,000 bird species including your favorite locals like Robins, Blue Jays and Chickadee's.  But, you also learn about migrating birds from faraway places who are making a stop at your smart feeder as they travel across oceans and visit your backyard.  It lets you know if your backyard is an international destination place.  You can even add a solar roof to provide the feeder system with solar power. High Tech, Cameras, AI Info & Images Delivered to Your Phone Bird Buddy is a US tech company based in Wilmington,