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AI Bird Feeder to Track Visiting Birds

Using Artificial Intelligence to Track Your Feathered Friends                                                  Source: Bird Buddy Bird Buddy If you love to watch and feed birds, this new technology will enthrall you as it takes you into a new space of flight.  It's a smart bird feeder called Bird Buddy that through artificial intelligence and, a lot more technology, acquaints you with the species of birds coming into your feeder for a treat.  It recognizes more than 1,000 bird species including your favorite locals like Robins, Blue Jays and Chickadee's.  But, you also learn about migrating birds from faraway places who are making a stop at your smart feeder as they travel across oceans and visit your backyard.  It lets you know if your backyard is an international destination place.  You can even add a solar roof to provide the feeder system with solar power. High Tech, Cameras, AI Info & Images Delivered to Your Phone Bird Buddy is a US tech company based in Wilmington, D

Important Innovations Collection: Fly Like a Dinosaur

Evolution of Flight from a Flying Dinosaur Source:  Chinese Academy of Science Bat Winged Dinosaur from the Real Jurassic Park This news is right out of the real Jurassic Park.  A fossil unearthed by a farmer in remote China in 2017 has turned out to be a well-preserved fossil of a flying bird-like dinosaur that flew on gossamer wings 163 million years ago.  The fossil documents a stage of evolution in aviation on multiple fronts:  dinosaurs to birds and different types of wings and aviation bodies to navigate most effectively. For more news details go to Important Innovations Collection: Fly Like a Dinosaur : Small, Bat Winged Dinosaur Source:  Chinese Academy of Science Evolution of Flight The Chinese Academy of Science just released their...

Important Innovations Collection: Robotic Gliders Flying Like Birds

Robotics Gliders Soaring Like Birds Source:  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Photo Montage University of California Scientists Train Autonomous Gliders to Fly Like an Eagle This is very important research that may have ramifications in terms of navigational systems and artificial intelligence for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's).  Physicists at the University of California San Diego have taught robotic gliders to soar like birds.  Using reinforcement learning, the gliders ride rising currents of warm air to soar just like birds.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Robotic Gliders Flying Like Birds : Physicists Train Autonomous Gliders to Soar Like Eagles Source:  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Photo Montage New Navigational ...

AI Powered Gliders Flying Like Birds

Soaring Like a Bird AI Glider Nature Inspired Breakthrough Innovation Scientists at the University of California, San Diego have built an artificial intelligence powered glider - an autonomous, fixed wing drone - that learns to fly with the dexterity and maneuverability of birds.  This is another fascinating example of highly advanced technology imitating nature.  It also has ramifications for future drones. By riding air currents, they'd be able to fly longer and more efficiently. Advanced Algorithm They've equipped the drone with an advanced algorithm and control system.  That enables it to navigate wind currents like birds do.  The glider is totally dependent on the wind. It has learned to seek updrafts which enable it to stay aloft indefinitely. Very Smart Glider Bottom-line:  this is a very smart glider.  It can tell when it's approaching an updraft and then use the wind to maximize its time in the air.  The scientists' research and results were j