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Innovative New Airship Sky Yachts

  Britain's Hybrid Air Vehicles - Sky Yachting                                  Sources:  Hybrid Air Vehicles & LTA Airlander 10 - New Way to Travel Britain's Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) has developed a highly innovative airship, Airlander 10, for cruise vacations in the sky. Spanish carrier Air Nostrum has ordered ten to put into service.  Here are the key facts on the new technology: Low operational costs, low infrastructure needs and very low emissions Powered by noncombustible helium for buoyancy and 4, kerosine engines for propulsion Hybrid-electric Airlander 10 will go to market in 2026 Fully electric Airlander with zero emissions will hit the market in 2030 Airlander 10 uses 90% less fuel and creates 90% less emissions than a similarly sized aircraft Can carry 130 people and stay aloft for 5 days Cruising speed of 50 to 70 knots Maximum altitude of 20,000 feet and maximum nautical mile range of 4,000 Luxury accommodations including suites Has competition from Google co