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Seeing Despite Blindness

Amazing Scientific Breakthrough in Spain Source:  Stock Eye Image Source:  Patient Bernadetta Gomez Blind Woman Sees Again In Spain, a 57 year old blind woman, Bernadetta Gomez who lost her sight 16 years ago, can see again.  This miraculous outcome is thanks to a breakthrough technology system developed by Dr. Eduardo Fernandez, the director of neuro-engineering at the University of Miguel Hernandez.  Ms. Gomez is able to see light, letters, people, objects and even play basic video games.  The images are sent directly to her brain via a brain implant.  It's a world first and the images are generated in the brain.  The innovative system has nothing to do with the eyes. How It Works Doctors placed a tiny implant directly in Ms. Gomez' brain.  The implant sends signals directly to her brain's visual cortex.  As part of the system, the team embedded a camera into a pair of glasses. The camera records the patient's field of vision and sends

Reversing Paralysis

New Brain Implant Size of Matchstick Brain Implant In Australia, University of Melbourne bioengineers have developed a brain implant the size of a matchstick, that may help people paralyzed walk again.  It's been successfully tested on sheep. Stentrode The implant is called Stentrode.  It circumvents the spinal cord and enables movement driven by the person's thoughts.  It's a tiny device containing electrodes. DARPA and Australian Government Research Funding The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA and the government of Australia have funded the research.  The research team hopes to test the Stentrode on 5 volunteers.   Wireless Thoughts The system relays thoughts wirelessly to an external robotic device such as an exoskeleton or prosthetic limb.  The Stentrode enables patient directed brain control over movement and locomotion. Human Augmentation The Stentrode device is part of the growing field of robotics for human