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Mind Reading Robots

 MIT's Baxter Controlled by Brain Signals & Hand Gestures A Robot More Obedient Than My Dog Robotics is crossing another important threshold.  Humans controlling robots with hand gestures and brainwaves is now a reality at MIT. It's a significant tightening of human-robot interactions that's  a breakthrough. It prevents robots from making errors in real time. It happens through faint electrical brain signals and human gestures. Brain Waves By monitoring human brain activity with electrodes in a cap (as seen above), the MIT system picks up whether the human user notices the robot is making a mistake. Spotting a mistake sends off a slight electrical signal in the brain. That signal is turned into an algorithm and code that the robot understands.  You might say the robot is reading the human mind. Using an interface that measures muscle activity, humans can then make hand gestures to scroll through and select the right option for the robot to perform. The robot pe