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Breakthru Method to "Mine" Lithium for Batteries

  Lilac Solutions Innovative Tech & Global Battery Shortages Source:  Lilac Solutions Potential Battery Breakthru for EVs, Smartphones & More Lithium ion batteries are the power source for EVs, smartphones, computers and more.  The use of lithium ion batteries has become so pervasive that global demand for them is expected to quadruple over the next decade and global market shortages are expected as early as 2023. Now, there may be a new tech solution. Lilac Solutions, an Oakland, California startup, has a revolutionary new lithium ion extraction process that appears to be exponentially quicker, less expensive, less energy intensive and far more environmentally friendly than current lithium mining technologies.   Lithium - the "Irreplaceable Metal" for EVs Lithium is known as the "irreplaceable metal" for EVs because of its high energy density to power batteries with fewer cells at potentially less expense.  It is found in hard rock mountainous regions, whic