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UK's Vertical Aerospace eVTOLs Take-Off

  25 New Air Taxi Orders From Japan                                                                 Source:  Vertical Aerospace Flying Taxi Accelerating Toward Certification UK-based aerospace and technology company Vertical Aerospace has secured 25 new pre-orders for its eVTOL VX4 from Japanese trading and investment company Marubeni Corporation.  Here are the key facts: Vertical Aerospace has secured 25 paid pre-orders for VX4 for use as commuter air taxis in Japan The orders from Marubeni could soar to 200 and that is on top of 1400 orders by airlines like Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines and Japan Airlines Vertical takeoff and landing, all electric aircraft VX4 carries a pilot and up to 4 passengers Range on a charge is 100 miles Top speed is 200 mph and cruising speed is 150 mph Company claims to be using the world's lightest and safest powertrain, co-created with Rolls Royce that is 1 MW electric Contains same flight control and advanced avionics that are in the F35, one of