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New Robot Could Be Your Best Friend

  Gary the Robot Does Laundry, Brings Coffee & Cleans                                     Source:  Unlimited Robotics' Gary A Very Versatile Robot For Home and Business For most of us, Gary the robot could be a dream come true.  He can do household chores like vacuuming and doing the laundry (load and unloading the washer) that most of us wouldn't mind not doing.  Developed in Israel by Unlimited Robotics he is one of the world's most versatile robots.  And, he will be available for customers in 2022. Incredible Functionality Gary weighs 88 pounds, is about 4.5 feet tall and can move at 3.1 mph.  He is designed to work in homes and businesses.  His functionality seems endless.  He can pickup socks, water plants, clean toilets, open jars, put bags of groceries into the trunk of a car, load the dishwasher and more.  For businesses, he can carry up to 11 pounds and move packages around a warehouse.  For restaurants, he can greet guests and serve food to tables.  For hotels