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Butterflies Have Jet Propulsion Abilities

   New Science From Sweden                          Source:  Stock Image of a Monarch Butterfly Aerodynamics of Butterflies - Wing Claps This is fascinating new science about butterflies and their aerodynamic capabilities.  Swedish scientists have determined that butterflies have the ability to create jet propulsion with their fragile, but powerful, wings.  The beautiful and delicate creatures of summer clap their wings and hit the air with such force, that it thrusts the air forward, creating jet propulsion.  The scientists at Lund University in Sweden have discovered and analyzed the unique clap function of butterfly wings as being capable of generating jets of air propulsion. Very Advanced Aerodynamics From Butterflies Globally, scientists and engineers have learned a great deal from nature to create new forms of technology. The potential impact of these new findings on the aerodynamics of butterflies include unique modes of space travel, aviation and other forms of travel.  In thei

Important Innovations Collection: New German Research on Butterflies & Big Agricultu...

Butterflies On the Decline From Industrial Farming and Pesticides New German Research Raises An Alarm Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have documented a dramatic decline in butterfly populations.  Meadows, adjacent to high intensity, industrial farming areas, are home to less than half of the butterfly species that are found in nature preserves.  Their research was done in Germany but it is a global wake-up call.  The scientists say the problem is high intensity agriculture and pesticides.  They add there is an urgent need for ecologically sustainable cultivation methods in agriculture.  For a great news blog, go to  Important Innovations Collection: New German Research on Butterflies & Big Agricultu... : Significant Population Decline from High Intensity Agriculture with Pesticides Source:  TUM Harmony Blue Butterfly Butterfly Popula...