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Kia's HabaNiro Electric Concept

One of Most Striking Vehicles at NY International Auto Show Source:  Kia HabaNiroAdd caption Butterfly Folding Doors The vehicle is called the HabaNiro.  It's an electric crossover concept created by Kia.  The South Korean automaker says the futuristic car is the automotive equivalent of a Swiss Army knife , versatile and for just about everyone. The Everyone, Everything Vehicle Kia says they've designed this for city dwellers, off-roaders, drivers concerned about the environment and driving enthusiasts. It can even serve as a self-driving vehicle.  They call it the "Everything Car Electric Vehicle" with the design, engineering and technology people want to move around in, in the near future. Compact SUV with Unusual Doors HabaNiro is a 4-seater, high riding hatchback, compact SUV.  What really stands out are the double, butterfly door openings.  Also, the fighter pilot-like steering wheel and the instrument panel that spans across the front dashboard.