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Lights, Camera, Alarm - Smart Security

Yale Smart Security Source:  Yale  New System - All-in One Camera Security Yale is an old line lock manufacturer.  They just came up with some very interesting, new innovation in securing your home and pets.  They've introduced a home security, high definition camera.  They call it the "All in One Camera". This system is particularly designed for the front door where most break-ins occur.  But it also works indoors, for instance to monitor your pets. All in real-time through their system and apps to instantly watch and communicate with your home and pets when you are not there. Technology There's a lot of tech embedded in this new security system.  The camera has motion activated spotlights, night vision mode and audio capabilities.  The camera's motion detection system triggers an alert to a companion app.  It enables the homeowner to see who is at the door and talk to them via the system's embedded mike remotely. There is a siren to chase away intr