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Important Innovations Collection: Broccoli Compound Suppresses Cancer

Natural Compound in Broccoli Suppresses Cancer Source:  Stock Image New Research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Scientists in Boston have documented that a natural compound found in broccoli inactivates a gene that is known to play a major role in the development of cancer.  Their findings, just published in the journal Science, could lead to a potential new approach to the prevention and treatment of cancer.  For a news blog on this important medical research finding, go to Important Innovations Collection: Broccoli Compound Suppresses Cancer : Potential New Approach to Cancer Prevention & Treatment Source:  Stock Image of Broccoli New Research from Beth Israel Deaconess ...

Global Research - Food for Thought

Your Diet, Your Life Global research by two renowned scientific organizations has concluded that you can cut your risk of cancer with a specific regimen of dietary and lifestyle changes.  The recommendations have just been published in the journal Cancer Research.  They come from the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund, based in the UK. Specific Recommendations The scientists, after extensive technical analysis, reached consensus on the lifestyle most likely to reduce the risk of cancer.  The cancers include breast, colorectal and prostate, which are the most common forms of cancer.  Here's the lifestyle they've identified: No smoking Healthy weight Frequent exercise Diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans Minimal amounts of fast food, red and processed meat, sugary drinks and alcohol Avoid dietary supplements like vitamins and mineral pills Simple Changes These are simple lifestyle and dietary guidelines iden