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E-motorbikes Solar Powered

Motosola Solar Canopy Source:  Motosola Solar Biking The Motosola solar canopy mounted on top of an electric motorcycle charges the battery of an electric bike by solar energy. In Asia, canopies on bikes are common to protect the riders from the sun.  Motosola has taken that concept to a new level by inventing a canopy that's essentially a solar panel to pull in and utilize the energy of the sun to charge electric vehicles.  The system consists of the canopy and a charge inverter.  It's available as a 100 W or 150 W system.  The company's prototype system in Shenzhen, China has been driven for more than three months without needing any recharge.  The solar system has been sufficient to keep the batteries charged. Green, Clean Biking The company says that the system can generate up to 1.5kWh of electricity per day whether the bike is being ridden or it's parked.  It's said to be easy to install and compatible with most motorbikes.  When parked th