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Audi & Disappearing Steering Wheel

  Audi's New Grandsphere Concept Car                                                       Source:  Audi Technologies That Define Next-G Driving Audi has unveiled a truly extraordinary concept car.  The Audi Grandsphere is the ultimate in new technologies, luxury and style.  It is Audi's vision of the future of driving vehicles with electric, digital and autonomous technologies.  In essence, the Grandsphere and its technologies may define the next generation of driving.  The vehicle sports a disappearing steering wheel that folds into the dashboard and disappearing pedals to allow the EV to be converted into a luxurious lounge while the car drives autonomously.  And that is just the beginning of what Audi's technology platform into the future of driving offers. Grand Auto Experiment Grandsphere is a concept vehicle which serves as a grand experiment for Audi engineers and designers to create the ultimate, epic ride.  The Grandsphere team says if a piece of new, highly advan