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Dutch Car Cleans CO2 From Air - Driving

  Zem EV by Students at Eindhoven University of Technology                                                                 Source: Eindhoven University of Technology Awesome New Automotive Technology 35 Dutch students at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have created a car that not only doesn't pollute the air, but also pulls carbon out of the air while it is being driven.  There is nothing in the global automotive industry very similar to this green machine.  The EV is called Zem and it is equipped with a special filter that cleans up nearby CO2 produced by other cars on the road and captures the carbon for disposal.  The 35 students on the TU/ecomotive team are the innovators behind this unique, battery powered prototype. Carbon Neutral Car The Zem is the students' response to the challenge to create a totally carbon neutral car.  Every step that they took in the year long process to develop the EV was guided by the mantra to minimize the production of any