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World's 1st Hydrogen-Solar-E-Bike

  World First From the Netherlands & Australia                                             Source:  Studio MOM LAVO   Hydrogen, Solar Powered Battery, Studio MOM E-Bike Dutch e-bike manufacturer Studio MOM  and hybrid hydrogen battery maker LAVO of Australia have invented a world first - a hydrogen powered electric bike that can transport heavy cargo over long distances.  MOM says the hydrogen battery is much lighter than lithium-ion batteries typically used in e-bikes.  As a result, the cargo bike can carry heavier loads for longer distances with zero emissions. Breakthrough Battery Technology The LAVO hydrogen battery, developed at the University of New South Wales, uses solar energy to distill hydrogen from water.  The hydrogen is absorbed into a patented metal hydride and converts into battery power.  The e-bike is the first commercial application of the battery.  MOM integrates the battery into the bike's modular frame that comes together like legos New Green Travel on Gre