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Citroen's EV Pickup Made of Cardboard+

  World's Greenest EV                                                     Source:  Citroen Could Radically Change What Cars Are Made of Citroen's new electric concept vehicle Oli is a sporty, funky, fun lightweight pickup truck that's made from recycled honeycomb cardboard and other recycled and recyclable materials.  That has to be an automotive first.  According to Citroen executives, it is designed to be affordable, sustainable and built on the principle "the less you weigh, the less you consume".  The automaker says it equipped Oli with "just enough of everything" to really keep the weight down and the driver and passengers happy.  The EV weighs 2.204 pounds and the 40-kWh battery provides a range of 248 miles on a charge. It can recharge from 20% to 80% in about 20 minutes. Citroen hasn't provided power figures or the number of electric motors that the EV has. But Oli's maximum speed is 68 mph. The boxy EV harkens back to the company's f